Guiding Philosophy

We at Sano Paila believe that our mission reflects a comprehensive approach towards care and advancement of the poor, helpless and weak and acknowledge that the best apparatus to fulfill our mission is a large heart and a passion- driven character.

Who we Are???

Sano Paila (a little step) is a member based, non-profit, non-government organization working in the best interest of the forethought that care and development of the community has to be touched at all points: economic, hygienic (health), social and political. It was founded in December of the year 2006 by a group of self-motivated and dynamic youths dedicated to the idea that as the power of spirit rises within so does the desire to serve the community.

We provide qualitative and professionally supported welfare services to culturally diverse communities in rural southern Nepal through community residents’ participation and engagement. By developing new sources of capital and innovative tools for community development, we aim to accurately organize and advocate activities and developmental projects/programs that advance and promote the quality of community life.

Hence through comprehensive management and maximum utilization of available resources, we seek to build and sustain unified, self-reliant, even-handed communities in Southern Nepal.

Committed to the Society....Changing Lives :)

  Recent Programs

  Our Donors

  • Birganj Sub-MetroPolitan City
  • Roshan Constructions Pvt Ltd.,Janakpur
  • Shah Group of Industries,Bara
  • National Healthcare Pvt Ltd, Nepal
  • K.B.Sam Alumunium Industries,Nepal
  • Birganj Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Nepal